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Get your free guide for cable knitting

Get your free guide for cable knitting

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Get your free guide for cable knitting

Are you in awe of beautiful cable but think that it's to hard for you? This free guide will make the most intricate cables simple to knit and create.

This guide is for knitters who struggle with cables or want to improve their cable knitting to create all the beautiful cables of their dreams.

This 7 pages guide will give you a few tips to better understand cables and save time knitting them. You will find tips about choosing your cable needles, differentiating left and right leaning cables, reading cable charts and creating your own cables.

As a knitwear designer, I love cables and their endless possibilities. I want to make cable knitting easier for every knitter so they are not afraid to tackle any kind of cable and to create their own!

Are your ready to knit all the cables of your dreams?