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Color Adventure Stranded Knitting Challenge

Join the free 5 day Color Adventure Stranded Knitting Challenge!

Learn the best tips to improve your stranded knitting and start creating with colors!

Learn the best tips to improve your stranded knitting and start creating with colors!

Do you want to learn all the tricks to knit beautiful stranded patterns and even create your own?

Then join us for the free Color Adventure Stranded Knitting Challenge!

Cliquez ici pour voir la version française

The challenge is now over, to be notified when it comes back, sign-up to my Weekly Newsletter below, you will be the first to know! You will also receive weekly inspiration, knitting resources, video tutorials and exclusive coupon codes for new pattern releases.


Hi knitter!

Have you ever been frustrated with a stranded knitting project because your stitches were not even, your colors didn't show up the way you wanted them to or your yarn got all tangled up? You are not alone, this has happened to me too! When I first tried stranded knitting, I had a lot of trial and errors and found the technique very confusing. But stranded knitting doesn't have to be that hard!

This is why I created this 5 day challenge to help you learn or improve your technique and gain confidence to create all the beautiful knits of your dreams.

Jump on this adventure with me and I will give you all the basic and more advanced tips so you can easily play with colors and knit all the beautiful stranded patterns!

Over the course of 5 days, you will learn the best tips on:

  • How to pick your colors
  • How to carry your yarn for stranded knitting
  • How to read a stranded chart
  • How to add a third color (or even more!)
  • How to create your own stranded patterns and customize all your knits

Whether you are:

  • A beginner wanting to learn the basics of stranded knitting
  • A more advanced knitter ready to play with more colors or to create your own stranded pattern

This challenge is for you!

Wherever you are in your knitting journey, this challenge will help you progress in your craft and inspire you to make your own beautiful stranded knits.

I will be there with you each step of the way, and you will also get an invitation to join the Knitters' Rendez-Vous group on Facebook, a supporting community of over 200 knitters to inspire you and help you create amazing stranded knits. There will be daily live videos in the Facebook group where I will demonstrate the techniques and answers all your questions. A replay will also be sent in the daily email if you can't make it live.

What you will receive

  • A welcome email telling you what you will need for this challenge.
  • 5 daily prompts delivered by emails with tips and instructions to create beautiful stranded patterns.
  • An invitation to the Knitters' Rendez-Vous group on Facebook where you will be able to share your creations and ask all your questions.
  • 5 daily live videos in the Facebook group with additional tips, tutorials and Q&A and a replay sent to your inbox the following day.

This is what Liza said from the first round of the Color Adventure Challenge:

"I now have a solid technique for colorwork, and am eager to come up with new charts based on what I learned in the Color Adventure. Merci mille fois, Solène!"


Hi! My name is Solène and I'm a knitwear designer from Paris.

My goal is to inspire you in your creative journey, to give you the means to progress in your craft and to help you create beautiful knits that you will love to wear and to make for a very long time.

You can see all my designs here on Ravelry, and follow my knitting journey on Instagram.

Stranded knitting is one of my favorite kind of knitting. I'm obsessed with colors, and I love playing with them and creating colorful and practical knits.

I'm very excited to see what you will create in this challenge!