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Finding Your Community


Finding Your Community

Solène Le Roux

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When I talk to people outside the knitting world about what I do, I often feel like they don't really get it. They think that designing is a fun little hobby turned into a job, they think that knitting is something futile, not important. They're like "Oh, knitting is so fashionable now" as if my purpose was to look for fame, more likes on instagram and a perfect lifestyle blogger's life. They don't get how big, beautiful and important knitting is.  

And in a way, how is that different than when knitting was out of fashion and considered a grandma's thing? A thing made by women, so seen by definition as small, not worthy of being more than a meaningless craft.  

What I do is not just a craft, it's an art. What I do brings me comfort, healing and self-care. It makes me proud and makes me feel creative everyday.  

I help knitters feel more happiness, more joy and creativity and I love getting together with a group of knitters and doing just that, because, you know, they get it. They understand the value of their art, they are always eager to learn and grow and they know that we are making ourselves and the world better, one stitch at a time.

Finding a place where we belong is so important to us as artists.  

Knitting to me was at first a family thing. I learned to knit from my mother when I was around 7. She was knitting a lot back then and when we went on summer vacation, she always brought her big knitting bag with her, filled with her current project and some spare balls and needles for my sister and I. I learned to knit there, summer after summer, in a country house, under the sun, surrounded by my loved ones.  

Then, when I got back into knitting years later, I discovered the online knitting community with Ravelry and I was so amazed at how people from all over the world could gather around their shared passion, how everything was possible because I could find all the resources that I need and friendly people to share my creations with. When I think back to it, I probably wouldn't have fell so much in love with knitting if not for the community.  

With the knitting community, I found a place where I truly belong, where I can express myself, feel like an artist, feel unique but understood and cheered by others just like me.

I am a very introvert person, so it took me a while to dare to show up at knitting events, and I still sometimes feel uncomfortable there. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting festivals! I love the energy of hundreds of knitters gathering around their passion, of yarnies and designers showing off their most beautiful creations… But I always end up exausted from spending time in such a big crowd.

So I wanted to create an experience where we could find that same energy of bringing knitters together, sharing, connecting, but in a way smaller scale so we could really get to know each other. So we could progress, grow as artists and share our stories together. Bringing me back to my first love of knitting in nature, I decided to host it in a beautiful countryhouse where we could enjoy this time spent together and feel those truly relaxing stitches pass by on our needles.

Is that something that resonates with you? Then I want to see you at my next events!