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How to Make Time and Space for Creation in your Life


How to Make Time and Space for Creation in your Life

Solène Le Roux


One of the thing that I hear a lot from knitters is that they wish they had more time to knit and be creative. And of course, sometimes it's hard between work, family, friends… to find real time for yourself to relax and energize while letting your creativity flow.

So whenever you feel stuck, feel like your life lacks creativity, feel like you don't have enough time or space in your life to knit, here are a few things that you can do:

1 – Reorganize your craft space

What's cool about knitting is that you can do it everywhere. But still, it does require some space to stock up all your pretty skeins of yarn, your tools or wips bags. And it also requires some space on another level: You need to make room for your craft to feel creative.

I recently reorganized my craft space, made it prettier, cleaner. I made more room to work on my craft and I realized that it also created more room for my creativity to go free. It gave me tons of new ideas, I started feeling more at peace when I was in my space that used to be over-crowded. I also felt way more motivated to spend time here, being creative.

Having a special place at home where you knit and have all your tools and yarns together makes it way easier to feel creative. It also makes you want to spend more time there so you will eventually find more time in your busy days to be creative.

2- Dream about new projects and keep them organized

Since knitting is the art of slow, we often, as knitters, spend long hours dreaming about our next projects. Are there new techniques that you'd like to try? Are you in need of a new perfect sweater for next Winter? Or did you just stumble on the most beautiful design and know that you need to make it?  

Make a list!  

Spending time to dream about your projects will spark up your creativity.

Once you have your dream project list, you just need to keep everything organized in your Ravelry queue or your favorite notebook so that when you feel stuck and not creative, you can go browse through all your dream projects to find motivation.  

3-Seek support from your community

One of the amazing thing in the knitting community is that it's full of amazing people that can inspire you and help you whenever you feel stuck. There are so many places where you can browse for inspiration and look at other people's creations. And all these creative people are usually pretty keen to help you and make you feel more creative, so don't hide and come chat, ask for tips to find your next project or when you're not sure about your skills. We are here for you and we have your back!

That's the reason why I created my Facebook group, The Knitters' Rendez-Vous, to help you connect with each others, so we can exchange tips and inspiration and help each other out when in need.

4-Find inspiration and make creativity your priority

To feel creative, you have to think creative!  

Do you find yourself looking at people's clothes on the street and thinking about your next creation? Or looking at the simplest things in nature and thinking how cool it would be to have a new animal themed knit or some flower lace details… Don't let that inspiration slip away! Instead, keep it somewhere close to you, write it down, draw it, and whenever you need a little spark of creativity, you can browse through it to find all the things that inspired you.

I store my ideas in different places: A big sketch book that I use for my future designs, a list of project ideas in my bullet journal, a few folders on my computer and Pinterest boards where I stack up inspiring things.  

To me, creativity isn't an innate thing, it's something that I chose to practice everyday because it makes me feel good about myself. So put creativity, in whatever shape you want, on your daily schedule!